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Here is a brief presentation of the smartest lucky charm logo in modern history.
As everybody knows from basic algebra:
x + x + x + x = 4x
Replacing the letter “x” with a money bag (soft slang: MOOLA) we’ll have:

Countless people (over the Internet, or when text-messaging) write “4 ME”, which means FOR ME,where number 4 stands for the word FOR. For the same reason 4GET means FORGET, and so on. Due to the Internet, hundreds of millions of people know that.
Now if we replace the number 4 with the word FOR in Fig. 1 above, the result of the equation will read FORMULA or FOR MOOLA (depending on the service or product that will use the logo).
Rearranging the four money bags in the wittiest way possible (and adding a stem), here is the Logo that naturally reads FORMULA or FOR MOOLA:

The best known lucky charm on the planet, the four-leaf clover, reads FORMULA (or FOR MOOLA) when each leaf is a money bag, as in the above copyrighted logo.
Combining two worldwide well-known symbols for money/wealth/power (the money bag) and luck (the four-leaf clover) will result in a brand new symbol for being lucky about money. And who on this Earth wouldn't love to be lucky about money? And if we remember the very successful trademarks "New York, New York" or "Pizza, Pizza!" this new drawing may stand as well for “FORMULA  FOR MOOLA” (see Fig. 3 below), which would be, for instance, the best ever logo for an Investment/Loan Firm.

The FORMULA FOR MOOLA may be used in:
A. Imprints*
B. (Lighted/Neon) Signs
C. Trademarks and service marks. There are over 2,000 of them using the word FORMULA
D. Limited Edition Lottery tickets (each year on St. Patrick's Day). Greeting cards*
E. All kind of products to resemble the drawing (as a 3D derivative work), such as:

- Gaming products/accessories
- Lucky Charms*
- Jewelry*
- Umbrellas*
- Lighting fixtures
- Hats and caps*
- Toys
- Earrings*
- Too many others to enlist.
See what a derivative work of 4moola can do for Ford (4D) at Lucky 4D

*Although people would love to be lucky 365 days a year, The Saint Patrick's Day may be the perfect day they -- i.e., the items marked with (*) -- will hit the market, a market with over 40 million Americans with Irish roots.

It is also important to note that:
(1) Any product resembling the Drawing or bearing a logo that includes the Drawing will automatically be a Lucky Charm carrying in the strongest way the suggestion of being lucky about money. And there are only a few billions of people on this Planet who would enjoy being lucky about money;
 (2) Any article resembling or bearing the Logo will do a free advertising for all other products resembling or bearing the Logo, which will save tens of millions of $ that otherwise would have been spent for advertising by the business/es using FORMULA FOR MOOLA .

NOTE that the lucky charm industry is generating tons of millions of $$ a year. The problem is that the worldwide well-known lucky charms are public domain, so anybody can use them and therefore tens of thousands of businesses are cashing in. Because the offer is unlimited (compared with a limited demand), no business investing in this public domain stuff will hit the jackpot. But what about the smartest of all lucky charms being covered by copyright protection and being owned by only one (vs. "tens of thousands" ) business? How much $$ can it generate for the one lucky owner (the only one that can legally use it)?

FORMULA FOR MOOLA in the media:

Motto: "Shakespeare wrote 
plays with less symbolism."
(Tom Feran about Formula 
for Moola in The Plain Dealer)

The smartest lucky charm in modern history made such an excellent impression that I was:

·        Aired for over 6 years on TV;
·        Written about (full article) in the largest newspaper in Ohio, The Plain Dealer (see below. Click to enlarge);
·        Aired on radio on a 30 min live interview.

How can the logo be used in lotteries world-wide and what would be the benefits:

Because the Logo reads Formula or “Formula for Moola,” this is how a new line of scratch-off lottery tickets can look like:

Note that all the drawings here are for explanatory purposes, each State Lottery will choose their graphics according to their standards.

The “Formula for Moola” idea will translate in a simple formula (containing, in the beginning, only additions and extractions) of which result will be compared – match (=), smaller than (<) or bigger than (>) – to a set of House Numbers.

A basic example (simplest $1.00 ticket before being scratched):


  • N1, N2 and N3 are natural Numbers (positive integers);
  • S1 and S2 are mathematical Symbols (in the beginning probably only + and will be used);
  • S3: Mathematical Symbol that can be < or = or > (even and later on);
  • House numbers: The numbers that the result of the Formula (4moola) is compared to;
  • Prizes: self evident.
Of course that there can be (i) more House Numbers (and corresponding Prizes) and/or (ii) more Numbers and Symbols in the Formula and/or (iii) more lines of ‘Player’s Formula’ for higher priced (AND fancier) tickets with bigger Prizes.

After scratching out all 12 areas, the ticket may look something like (just for the sake of an example):

In the above ticket 9 + 4 7 (= 6) > 5 so the player wins $10.

For the S3 being the equal sign (=) the player would lose, because 6 (the result of the Formula) doesn’t match any of the three House Numbers: 11 or 17 or 5.
For S3 being the ‘smaller than’ sign (<) the player would win the top 2 prizes (2 + 300 = $302.00).

Note that this ‘Formula’ approach will keep the player excited till the last square: for instance if s/he chooses the S3 square to be the last one to uncover. There are situations where with S3 still covered the player knows that s/he has a winner, but doesn’t know how much (which of the Prizes on the right) until the last scratch (uncovering S3).

A more sophisticated (challenging, addictive) version will have an S3 associated with each of the House Numbers.

Why would the Formula for Moola instant ticket be successful:

(A) It’s more challenging than the standard tickets where the player has to just match 3 numbers, so – on the top of the people that already enjoy scratch-offs --  it will attract more educated people – a very important segment of the population --  who are known to, in general, stay away from the Lottery (or from the dull/unchallenging Lottery games);

(B) “Formula for Moola” is how a very smart lucky charm logo actually reads, something that never happened in the history of world-wide lotteries. And people do like novelties, especially when they are smart;

(C) It would make perfect sense to be launched, in a memorable Grand Opening, on St. Patrick’s Day,  so it won’t hit the shelves just out of the blue;

(D) It’s precisely the kind of lottery ticket that parentsanother very important segment of the population! – would buy for their school-aged kids on their birthdays and not only (it’s about getting kids interested in math!);

(E) Once “Formula for Moola” is successfully launched on St. Patrick’s Day in a Special Edition of scratch-offs, the … formula can become just an everyday instant ticket;

(F) There is a huge potential in franchising “FORMULA FOR MOOLA”:

(F1) According to Wikipedia, “In the United States, lotteries are run by 47 jurisdictions: 44 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.” And then there are many other English-speaking countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, to name just a few (see all of them HERE);

 (F2) As explained above, there are plenty of businesses – from casinos to investment/loan firms and so on -- that could use the logo. Hundreds of millions of lottery tickets bearing the ‘Formula for Moola’ logo would be a fantastic (AND FREE!) advertising for any business that will use or own the logo, which will make the logo (AND the domain name extremely valuable and desired.

The copyrighted logo (4moola) can generate the most spectacular revenues ever in the history of the game vendors in general and any State Lottery in particular.

Note that the logo is so powerful that it can stand by itself, without an actual formula, like in the following example (for a Special Edition for St. Patrick’s Day):

(Of course that the above ticket drawing is also just explanatory. There is plenty of room for
better graphics, different Jackpot -- like in, say, $1,700/week for life or for 17 years, keyword 17 --  and so on)

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